b'3161 3162 31633164316531663156.Porcelainstein,.5L,transfer&enameled,3161.Porcelain stein, 2.0L, 14.2" ht., transfer & hand-Gambrinus, colored lithophane of barmaid and oldpainted, 12. Deutsches Bundesschiessen Nrnberg, man, pewter lid, mint (450-650)1897, pewter lid, very rare, mint (1000-1500) 3157.Porcelain stein, .5L, transfer & enameled, young3162.Porcelainstein,2.0L,13.2"ht.,transfer&hand-man&barmaid,coloredlithophaneofmonk&painted, Verein Straubinger, 22.10.1882, relief pewter young woman, pewter lid, mint (450-650)lid, inscription on lid: 22.10.87, mint (300-450) 3158.Porcelain stein, .25L, transfer & hand-painted, man3163.Porcelain stein, 2.5L, 14.0" ht., relief, hand-paint-in mountains, lithophane, pewter lid, mint (50-100)ed, by K.P.M. Berlin, Bartmannskrug, pewter lid, 3159.Porcelainstein,.5L,hand-painted,markedmint (200-300) Nymphenburg, flowers & verse, relief pewter lid:3164.Porcelainstein,1.0L,transfer&hand-painted, Ludwig Knig von Bayern, base flakes repaired -Absolvia sei\'s Panier, 1908, pewter lid, mint (200-300) excellent (200-300)3165.Porcelain vase, 11.0" ht., marked Bing & Grondahl 3160.Porcelain stein, 6.0" ht., relief, unmarked, proba- Denmark,8680/95L.N.,hand-painted,treeson blymadebyNymphenburg,inlaidlid,gilded,ahilltop, mint (100-300) couple of small factory firing lines - not distracting,3166.Porcelain figurine, 13.7" ht., figural bust, marked faint line at bottom of handle (250-400)Calle 1967, Capo-di-Monte style, great expression, very good condition (300-500) 3167.Porcelain stein, 13.4" ht., late 1800s, marked K.P.M. with scepter, relief coat-of-armsaroundtop,hand-painted,elaboratesceneofWilhelmIfromtheFranco Prussian War, pewter lid, mint (1000-2000)'