b'3175.Porcelainplaque,14.3"d.,hand-painted,French,man& woman with bicycles, 1" chip on rear hanging rim, does not touch hanging holes, otherwise mint (200-300)3176 3177 31783179318031813176.Silver stein, .25L, 4.8" ht., 295 grams, Hanau hall marks,late1800s,gilded,verygoodcondition (700-900) 3177.Silverstein,.5L,6.8"ht.,525grams,silverhall marks, 800, Art Nouveau, good condition (1000-1400) 3178.Silver wedding beaker, 8.1" ht., 300 grams, gilded, marked 835, hallmarks, late 1800s, very detailed, very good condition (700-1000) 3179.Silverbeaker,8.3"ht.,250grams,late1800s, Landsknecht,verydetailed,verygoodcondition (800-1100) 3180.Silverweddingbeaker,9.6"ht.,340grams, marked 835, Christhof Widmann early 1900s, very detailed, very good condition (800-1100) 3181.Shootinggoblet,9.9"ht.,silver-plated,marked WMF,WrttembergischeMetalwarenfabrik,I. Preisschiessen Konstanz, 1898, man reconnected to base, plating worn, looks good (250-350) 3182.Drinking horn, 18.0" ht., silver plated base mount and lid, inscription with many names dated1897, lion finial, excellent condition (300-500) 3183.Glass pokal, 22.5" ht., blown, clear, frosted finish, elaboratebronzemetalwork,bronzeset-onlid, Landsknecht with crossbow finial, excellent quali-ty, mint (600-800) 3182 3183'