b'3184.Characterstein,.5L,pottery,marked765,by3196.Character stein, .5L, stoneware, marked M. & W. Diesinger, Man with Derby, mint (300-400)Gr., blue saltglaze, von Moltke, mint (400-600) 3185.Characterstein,.5L,pottery,marked765,by3197.Characterstein,.5L,stoneware,marked51,by Diesinger, Man with Top Hat, mint (300-400)Hauber & Reuther, Nun, small chips on underside 3186.Characterstein,.3L,pottery,marked734,by(200-300) Diesinger, Trumpeter, mint (250-350)3198.Character stein, .5L, stoneware, Rich Man, blue 3187.Characterstein,.5L,pottery,marked604,by& purple saltglazes, mint (150-250) Diesinger, Gnome Woodsman, mint (300-400)3199.Characterstein,.5L,stoneware,marked 3188.Characterstein,.5L,pottery,marked1466,D.R.G.M.,772945,Steinzeugwerke,Helmet, Munich Child, slight black color wear (100-200)Front Heil, Koblenz, 1930, rare, mint (1000-1500) 3189.Character stein, .5L, pottery, marked 922, Frog,3200.Characterstein,.5L,pottery,markedGerz, Frau rgere mich nicht, mis-matched lid and body,Insulator, rare, mint (600-800) mint (250-350)3201.Characterstein,.5L,pottery,marked1384, 3190.Characterstein,.5L,pottery,marked702,byReinhold Merkelbach, Beehive, mint (150-250) Diesinger, Woman with Hair Bun, mint (250-350)3202.Character stein, .5L, pottery, Cavalier, rare, small 3191.Characterstein,.5L,pottery,marked702,bychips in rear on base edge, small chip inside lid Diesinger,WomanwithCarnivalHat,mint(400-600) (250-350)3203.Character stein, .5L, pottery, marked 1821, Sailor, 3192.Characterstein,.5L,pottery,marked692,bymint (400-600) Diesinger, Woman with Duck, mint (250-350)3204.Characterstein,.5L,pottery,marked466, 3193.Characterstein,.5L,pottery,marked603,byFireman, mint (250-350) Diesinger, Man with Bug, mint (250-350)3205.Character stein, .5L, pottery, marked Gerz, 1303, 3194.Characterstein,.5L,stoneware,markedMartinSoldier, rare, small rim chips repaired - very good Pauson,Mnchen,Zugspitze,cross[finial](300-400) repaired - very good, body mint (150-250)3206.Characterstein,.5L,stoneware,BustleLady, 3195.Characterstein,.5L,pottery,marked1106,blue saltglaze, 2" hairline (400-600) RochlitzSporthausG.m.b.H.Charlottenburg, Soccer Ball, Marco, 2" hairline on side, inlay has three lines & flakes (200-300)32073208 3209 32103211 32123207.Character stein, .5L, stoneware, marked M. Sch.3210.Character stein, .5L, pottery, marked 1116, Pig, & Co., Ulm, Sparrow, flake repaired (150-250)bowling scene, small chip on bottom, 1" line inside 3208.Characterstein,.5L,stoneware,marked72,edge of inlay (150-250) Nrnberg Tower, rare version, mint (400-600)3211.Characterstein,.5L,pottery,marked922,by 3209.Character stein, .5L, stoneware, marked H.R., byMarzi & Remy, Owl, mint (200-300) Hauber & Reuther, Bustle Lady, mint (600-800)3212.Character stein, .5L, pottery, marked 622, Funnel Man, inlaid lid, mint (250-350)Every item is illustrated in color on our website,with many additional side views.'