1282. Stoneware stein, 14.5" ht., late 1700s, Heissischer Weinkrug, incised, blue saltglaze, pewter lid & footring, lid has touchmark, minor flakes (300-500) 1283. Stoneware stein, 12.8" ht., dated 1691 on body, Westerwälder Enghalskrug, applied relief, blue & purple saltglazes, pewter lid, pewter strap repaired, factory glaze flaw on side, body good condition (600-900) 1281. Stoneware stein, 7.5" ht., 6.5" diameter, late 1600s, Annaberger Walzenkrug, man and woman with very rare side scenes of hunter with dog and wild animals, pewter lid [dated 1694] vertical handle strap and belly bands, minor pewter tear at rear of lid, tight .5" hair- line at top rim, small flakes on handle, excellent glaze colors, no wear (4500-6500)