1285. Stoneware stein, 9.8" ht., early 1700s, Altenburger Kugelbauchkrug, white applied decorations, pewter lid & footring, lid dated 1704, pewter touchmarks, vertical pewter handle strap is repaired - good, minor flakes (1600-2400) 1286. Stoneware stein, 10.8" ht., mid 1700s, Altenburger Walzenkrug, white applied decoration, pewter lid & footring, pewter touchmarks, a few small relief chips (600-800) 1287. Stoneware stein, 9.1" ht., early 1700s, Altenburger Walzenkrug, applied relief, pewter lid, footring is newer replacement, very good condition (900-1300) 1284. Stoneware stein, 8.6" ht, Freiberger Birnkrug, late 1600s, applied relief and cut design, six colors on a gray body, pewter lid belly bands and footring, minor pewter repair, body very good condition (9000-12000) 1285 1286 1287