1298. Stoneware stein, 10.9" ht., mid 1700s, Westerwälder Walzenkrug, applied relief, blue saltglaze, pewter lid, lid dated 1809, good condition (300-400) 1299. Stoneware stein, 10.5" ht., early 1700s, Westerwälder Walzenkrug, applied relief, blue & purple saltglazes, pewter lid is an old addition, very good condition (250-350) 1300. Stoneware stein, 9.3" ht., late 1700s, Westerwälder Walzenkrug, Knibis style tool work on body, pewter lid, small chip on top rim, pewter tear repaired - good (200-300) 1301. Stoneware stein, 9.2" ht., mid 1700s, Westerwälder Enghalskrug, incised, blue saltglaze, pewter lid, good condition (300-500) 1297. Stoneware tankard,7.4" ht., Creussen, Apostles, first half of 19th century, pewter lid dated 1714, pewter footring, old pewter appears to be added later, overall very good appearance (4000-6000) 1298 1299 1300 1301