1313. Glass stein, 1.0L, 9.2", milk glass, hand-painted decoration, pewter lid [dated 1763] & footring, very early milk glass stein, rare, mint (1800-2400) 1314. Glass wedding beaker, 8.4" ht., blown, light amber, hand-painted white & gold enameling, mint (600-800) 1315. Glass wedding beaker, 11.4" ht., blown, hand- painted, designed by F. Heckert, gilded mounts, Alles Gl├╝ck Dem brautpaare, mint (600-800) 1316. Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, milk glass, hand-painted, flowers, pewter lid & footring, mint (300-400) 1317. Glass stein, .75L, blown, early 1800s, hand-paint- ed, hunter, dog & stag, pewter lid with relief medal- lion: St. Francis CVS and Xaver IV, pewter strap repaired, a few small pieces of enamel missing (500-700) 1318. Glass stein, .5L, blown, early 1800s, blue opaline glass, hand-painted, Zum Andenken, pewter lid & footring, mint (250-350) 1319. Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, hand-painted, dated 1834 on lid, pewter lid, gold band worn, otherwise mint (150-250) 1320. Glass stein, .5L, blown, cobalt blue, wheel- engraved, Wheel Maker Occupation, pewter lid dated 1817, mint (600-800) 1321. Glass stein, .75L, blown, late 1800s, wheel- engraved, Steinbad, inlaid lid: simulated coins, pewter strap repaired, otherwise mint (300-400) 1316 1317 1318 1319 1320 1321 1313 1314 1315