1352 1353 1354 1355 1352. Silver stein, 8.1" ht., marked 800, 835 grams, c.1920s, interior gilded, engraved coat-of-arms, very good condition (700-900) 1353. Silver-plated stein, 1.0L, handmade, marked A. Stral, towers, early 1900s, engraved design & inscription, metal lid with coin, five interior capac- ity measure pins, very good condition (300-400) 1354. Silver-plated pokal, 19.0" ht., inscription: Seinem verdienstvollen Turnlehrer, A. K├Ânitzer, Der Turnverein Jahn, Januar 1912, interior gilded, Munich Child finial, good condition (400-600) 1355. Metal stein, 20.0" ht., coin design, silver-plating is all worn (300-400) 1351. Silver & horn pitcher, 10.07" ht., two carved charging bison, silver lid and base, hallmarks: Sampson Mordan, London 1881, wood handle, very unusual, a tight line in rear has an excellent repair (1000-1500)