b'3383 33843385 3386 3387338833893366.Glass stein, .5L, blown, c.1880, blue on clear over- 3379.Glassbeaker,8.2"ht.,blown,handpainted& lay, cut, matching glass inlaid lid, mint (400-600)etched, monkey and cat, mint (100-200) 3367.Glassstein,.5L,blown,whiteonclearoverlay,3380.Glass vase, 6.6" ht., blown, clear, Bohemian, hand-matching glass inlaid lid, pewter strap repaired -painted, Schwarzlotmalerei, people on horses, mint very good, body mint (250-350)(100-200) 3368.Glassstein,.5L,blown,pinkonwhiteonclear,3381.Two glass beakers, 5.7" & 6.5" ht., blown, clear, original glass inlaid lid: blue & clear, very minorfaceted, handpainted, student society dated 1907; flakes (300-400)with, Vivat A.S.T.V.!, dated 1905, minor gold wear, 3369.Glass stein, .5L, blown, ruby on clear, acid etched,otherwise mint (100-200) dogs,matchingglassinlaidlid,pewterstrap3382.Glass beaker, .3L, 6.7" ht., blown, enameled, Kaufe repaired - excellent, glass mint (300-400)Dir ein Auto und fahre an den Baum, dann ist das 3370.Glassstein,.5L,blown,faceted,Uraniumglass,Leben ein Traum!, motorcycle rider, mint (200-300) set-on glass lid, mint (250-350)3383.Glass stein, .5L, pressed, porcelain inlaid lid: red 3371.Glassstein,.5L,blown,c.1850,ruby,cased,cross, mint (100-200) matching glass inlaid lid, mint (200-300)3384.Glass stein, coin in base, .4L, blown, faceted, cut, 3372.Glassstein,1.0L,pressed,transfer&enameled,c.1860, hand-painted porcelain inlaid lid: milking a SchtzengesHaiderslein,pewterlid,minorcow, rare, mint (250-350) scratch (150-250)3385.Glassstein,.3L,blown,clear,faceted,wheel-3373.Glassstein,.5L,blown,clear,cut,metalworkengraved, Andenken an Bad Brckenau, porcelain marked W.M.F., silver-plate, metal lid, silver-plat- inlaid lid: coat-of-arms 1880, pewter strap repaired, ing wear, otherwise mint (150-250)otherwise mint (100-200) 3374.Glassstein,.5L,blown,amber,pewteroverlay,3386.Glass stein, .5L, blown, silver mounts, porcelain pewter lid with glass insert, very small flake on topinlaidlid:DeutscherReich,Preussen,Schles. rim (100-200)Holstein, Lbeck, mint (200-300) 3375.Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, amber, pewter lid, base,3387.Glass stein, .5L, pressed, enameled, porcelain inlaid overlay & handle, mint (250-350)lid: 4F, Turnbrdern, 23.2.08, mint (150-250) 3376.Glass pitcher, 10.1" ht., blown, green, handpainted3388.Glassstein,.5L,moldblown,clear,porcelain coat-of-arms, matching glass inlaid lid, unusual bentinlaid lid: Fnf Mark 1874, mint (100-200) over finial design forms thumblift, mint (250-350)3389.Glass stein, .5L, blown, cut, pewter lid with carved 3377.Glass beaker, .5L, blown, transfer & handpainted,horn: bird & fox, horn thumblift, mint (200-300) Viel Glck, signed F. Ringer, mint (150-250) 3378.Glass beaker, .5L, 9.1" ht., blown, clear, transfer, RiedenburgerWeizenbierUnterkriegerBrauerei, wear (100-200)'