b'35693570 3571 3572 357335743542.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2285, etched, inlaid lid, mint3559.Mettlachstein,.5L,1732,etched,byC.Warth, (300-400)inlaid lid, mint (400-600) 3543.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2068, etched, inlaid lid, inlay3560.Mettlach stein, .5L, 1934, etched, inlaid lid, mint chips repaired - fair, body mint (150-250)(250-350) 3544.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2027, etched, inlaid lid, two3561.Mettlach stein, .5L, 1566, etched, by Grig, High-production chips on lower rim (400-600)wheel Bicycle, inlaid lid, mint (450-650) 3545.Mettlach stein, .5L, 1998, etched, inlaid lid, mint3562.Mettlach stein, .5L, 1725, etched, inlaid lid, mint (200-300)(200-300) 3546.Mettlach stein, .5L, 1797, etched, inlaid lid, mint3563.Mettlach stein, .5L, 1149, etched, original pewter (300-400)lid, mint (150-250) 3547.Mettlachstein,.5L,1471,etched,byC.Warth,3564.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2190, etched, bicycles, origi-inlaid lid, mint (200-300)nal pewter lid, mint (300-400) 3548.Mettlachstein,.5L,1163,etched,byC.Warth,3565.Mettlachstein,.5L,1403,etched,byC.Warth, inlaid lid, mint (200-300)original pewter lid, mint (150-250) 3549.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2002, etched, inlaid lid, small3566.Mettlachstein,.5L,1915,etched&transfer, chip on inlay edge (150-250)Clner Dom, original pewter lid, mint (350-550) 3550.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2002, etched, relief pewter lid:3567.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2957, etched, original pewter Mnchen, mint (150-250)lid, mint (150-250) 3551.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2949, cameo, relief pewter lid,3568.Mettlachstein,.4L,2106,decoratedrelief, the lid was polished, body mint (250-350)Monkey in Cage, pewter lid, .5" base chip repaired 3552.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2951, cameo, pewter lid, mint- good (600-800) (250-350)3569.Mettlach stein, 12.4L, 14.9" ht., 2065, etched, by 3553.Mettlachstein,.5L,2001A,decoratedrelief,H. Schlitt, inlaid lid, mint (550-750) Lawyer Book Stein, inlaid lid, mint (250-350)3570.Mettlach stein, 13.2" ht.,1.5L, 2103, etched, inlaid 3554.Mettlachstein,.5L,2001K,decoratedrelief,lid, mint (500-700) Banking Book Stein, inlaid lid, mint (300-400)3571.Mettlach stein, 14.6" ht., 2.1L, 1734, etched, by C. 3555.Mettlachstein,.5L,2001I,decoratedrelief,Warth, relief pewter lid, mint (400-600) TheologyBookStein,inlaidlid,pewterstrap3572.Mettlach stein, 2.1L, 16.0" ht., 1916, etched, by C. repaired, body mint (800-1100)Warth, inlaid lid, inlay is new replacement, body 3556.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2766, etched, inlaid lid, mintmint (400-600) (400-600)3573.Mettlach stein, 2.2L, 16.1" ht., 2107, etched, by H. 3557.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2520, etched, by H. Schlitt,Schlitt, pewter lid, Gambrinus finial, tear at rear of inlaid lid, mint (250-350)lid - still strong, body mint (400-600) 3558.Mettlach stein, .5L, 2640, etched, inlaid lid, mint3574.Mettlach stein, 2.8L, 16.1" ht., 2921, etched, inlaid (250-350)lid, mint (350-550)'