b'3587.Ten Mettlach military plaques [with 2140 beer stein decorations]10.2" x 6.2" and 3 original frames; 1. Garde Ulanen [783], someglaze browning; 2. Garde Ulanen [782], mint; 3. Garde Ulanen[742], line break on left side repaired; Garde Fuss Artl. [758],mint; Garde Pionier Bataillon [740], mint; Regiment der Garde du Corps [789], mint; Garde Gren. Regiment Nr. 1 [741], mint; 3. Garde Regiment zu Fuss [747], mint; 4. Garde Regiment zu Fuss [748], mint; 1. Garde Feld Artillerie Regiment [787], in tray frame, mint; an extremely rare group of Mettlach plaques, while others probably exist, these are the only 2140 decoration plaques we have ever sold or seen (4000-6000)35883589359035913592 35933588.Mettlach vase, 11.6" ht., 2851, etched & glazed,3591.Mettlachvase,12.8"ht.,2465,PUG,service mint (250-350)Edith, unknown mold number, mint (150-250) 3589.Mettlachvase,13.7"ht.,2414,etched,Art3592.Mettlach stein, 3.0L, 14.2" ht., 702[1526], PUG, Nouveau, tiny flake on base rim (250-350)pewterlid,factoryglazedbaseflake,otherwise 3590.Mettlachbeaker,14.0"ht.,1.0L,1130[2775],mint (200-300) PUG, pedestal base, mint (150-250)3593.Mettlach stein, 16.5" ht., 2.2L, 1143[2384], PUG, pewter lid, mint (300-500)'